Stockton Healthy Retail Digital Toolkit

CBO partners, local policy leaders, stakeholders.


  • Public Health Advocates employs a Policy Advocacy Model that includes:
    • Research and local data
    • Policy Maker education
    • Community Mobilization
    • Partnership Building
    • Media Advocacy
      • Community engagement plays an important role in helping cities address health disparities in low-income and underserved communities. Cities recognize that engaging residents from underserved communities is critical to accurately identifying their needs and developing appropriate and effective strategies to address them.
      • Community residents, usually organized by a local community-based organization, play two important roles:
        1. Creating demand for community priorities. Many cities attributed their success in advancing and sustaining Healthy Eating, Active Living-related changes in part to community buy-in because of residents identifying their needs and the city acting on them.
        2. Holding local decision-makers accountable for advancing health and wellness. Communities play an important role as outside champions for controversial policy issues. Resident advocacy helps ensure that efforts continue beyond the tenure of elected officials and their staff members.



  • Graphic Materials
    • English Infographic
    • Spanish Infographic
    • English Factsheet
    • Spanish Factsheet
    • English Pledge Card
    • Spanish Pledge Card

Resident Testimony & Photovoice Materials

What is a Photovoice project? It is an advocacy tool through which individuals can identify, represent, and improve their communities through a photographic technique. It allows decision-makers to view the built environment from the community’s perspective.

  • Photovoice Materials
    • English Photovoice (SHOWED) sample sheet
    • Spanish Photovoice (SHOWED)sample sheet
    • Photovoice project: Marion Parker
      • Community member Marion Parker visited a local market she frequents in the City of Stockton to conduct her photovoice project. Her picture showcases a variety of pastries at checkout and her SHOWED sheet demonstrates her support for changing the layout of checkout registers.


  • CSPI factsheets
    • National Alliance for Nutrition & Activity (NANA): Model Beverage and Food Vending Machine Standards
    • Healthy Checkout: Good for Business, Good for Consumers
    • Why Healthy Checkout? The Benefits of Becoming a Health-Supporting Business
    • Snack, Entree, and Beverage Options that Meet CSPI Model Nutrition Standards for Checkout
    • Consumer Perceptions of Retail Checkout
    • Messaging Guidance for an Effective Healthier Grocery Experience Campaign


  • Model Healthy Checkout Ordinance
  • Community Advocacy Workshops (Part 1) (Part 2)
    • An advocacy training was offered in each community to educate resident advocates and community leaders on the policy advocacy model. The training series was composed of eight individual workshop sessions.
      • Workshop #1: Social Determinants of Health
      • Workshop #2: Health Policy Advocacy
      • Workshop #3 & #5: Messaging Training
      • Workshop #4: Spokesperson Training
      • Workshop #6 & #7: Store Assessment & PhotoVoice
      • Workshop #8: Ordinance Development
  • Outreach Materials
    • Flyers
  • Data
    • List of grocery stores (list of stores targeted by the campaign as of October 2020. The list was acquired through a public records request to the City of Stockton)
    • 2020 National Diabetes Statistics Report: Estimates of Diabetes and Its Burden in the United States
    • Overweight and Obesity among Children by California Cities-2010
    • City Diabetes/Prediabetes Rates by the California Health Interview Survey (2013-2014)
    • Students Who Are Overweight or Obese By Grade Level-Kids Data 2018
    • Health Policy Brief: Prediabetes in California: Nearly Half of California Adults on Path to Diabetes
    • Rigged: Supermarket Shelves For Sale
  • Tools/Resources Created by PHAdvocates and CSPI
    • Healthy Options at Checkout Policy Public Opinion Poll by FMR3 Research
    • Store Assessment Instrument
    • Sample letter of support
    • Sample call script (to be used to gather support from store managers)
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