Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health in Stockton

A Healthier Community is Within Our REACH


Stockton has some of the largest ethnic health disparities in California. Together with our resident steering committee, we have worked with African American churches in low-income census tracks to establish city and church policies that help people eat healthier food, drink more water, and stay physically active.

Data and Research

As a result of our efforts, change is happening within the City of Stockton.

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    Daily water consumption went up 12% in participating churches. At the same time, daily soda consumption declined by 16%.

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    Daily fruit consumption increased 41% in those same churches.

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    Daily green salad consumption went up 85% in participating churches.

  • Media Advocacy

    The REACH campaign, our calls for action, and our successes get regular coverage in the local newspaper.

    Partnership Building

    We continue to work with Stockton residents and city leaders, in addition to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, UCLA, 12 churches, 4 community organizations, and 2 local sports teams.

    Media Coverage


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    The full case study is still in progress. Check back soon to explore how we evaluated the results of REACH.