The Dynamism of Public Health Advocates’ 2022 Voter Guide

Oct 19, 2022

At Public Health Advocates, we recognize that racism is a public health crisis, and we work to dismantle the unjust systems and structures that leave far too many people behind. When we set out to create Public Health Advocates’ 2022 Voter Guide, these principles guided us toward our decisions.

In our guide, you will find short explanations and our recommendations for the seven California propositions as well as three local measures that are on the ballot this November. All pieces of the voter guide are in both English and Spanish. We also created extra content to supplement the voter guide and reach voters on the platforms they use the most.

For example, the voter guide is available in a shorter form on platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

On our YouTube channel, you will find videos we created to give an overview of the guide and to explain the difference between two propositions that deal with sports gambling: Prop 26 and Prop 27.

We also published a thought leadership piece on LinkedIn to cover the public health and racial justice implications of this year’s propositions in more depth.

As you decide how to vote in this year’s November 8th election, we hope our voter guide helps inform you. Access the full voter guide here:

To check your voter registration or register to vote, visit:

Thank you for taking the time to understand this year’s propositions, VOTE, and get out the vote in your community!

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