PHAdvocates Board Member featured in Stanford Medicine blog

Feb 11, 2020

Anisha Patel, MD, a Stanford pediatrician and Public Health Advocates Board Member, is making it her mission to reduce children’s sugar consumption through a “hands-on approach” at work and home.

Scope, a Stanford Medicine blog, recently published “How to keep sugar out of kids’ diets: One pediatrician’s mission” which focuses on Patel’s work to “reduce two dietary sources of excessive sugar”.

“The biggest culprit is sugar-sweetened beverages: sodas, sports drinks, and sugary coffee and tea drinks, … Sneaky sugars are the ones you wouldn’t think about being added to foods that seem healthy: granola, yogurt, salad dressings, soups, tomato sauce, Asian sauces, even bread.”

Anisha Patel, MD

Patel also coauthored a cookbook, Half the Sugar, All the Love, which includes 100 recipes made with half, or more, of the sugar in traditional recipes.

Read the entire article by Erin Digitale, at the Scope blog here.

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