California Voter Guide 2020 (English & Spanish)

Oct 09, 2020

This election, Public Health Advocates is encouraging you to take a public health perspective when choosing how to vote for the California ballot propositions. Public Health Advocates is excited to play an active role in educating community members about the critical steps to take to vote and the propositions that are included in the California Voter Ballot. Over these next several weeks, up until the election day, (November 3, 2020) staff will be supporting multiple local voting campaigns and #GetOutTheVote national drives as well. Public Health Advocates is proud to announce its California Voter Guide for the election. The guide was created as a resource to the community and is an effort to help promote health, equity and justice. Here’s how we voted:

For additional information on the ballot propositions, visit:…/ballot…/qualified-ballot-measures/.

To check your voter registration or register to vote, visit:

Please visit us on social media where we will be providing more critical updates and information about the propositions.

It is critical that we all do our part to #GetOutTheVote.

Public Health Advocates ha creado una Guía de Votantes 2020 en inglés y español como un recurso para la comunidad en un esfuerzo por promover la salud, la equidad y la justicia. Descargue las guías completas aquí: 

También, aquí hay algunos recursos clave que queríamos compartir:

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