Alejandra Aguilar

Local Policy Director, All Children Thrive

I am a Public Health Advocate because no child should ever have to grow up in constant fear; fear for another day of violence, fearing for the life of a parent.  – My name is Alejandra, it means defender of people. I did not go through what I went through as a child to remain quiet (definitely not with the voice and the determination I was given). I wholeheartedly believe it’s my life’s mission to advocate for all children, so that regardless of their ethnicity, the color of their skin, or their socio-economic background, they have access to safe & stable housing, supportive education, physical & mental healthcare, and trusted adults who look out for them, love them and respect them. As a formerly undocumented Mexicana from Michoacán, Public Health Advocate & Violence Preventionist, I am committed to children’s rights, social, racial, & economic justice, intergenerational & ancestral healing, and the eradication of racism and all other forms of violence.

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