Maintaining our Gains, Leading Toward the Future

Maintaining our Gains, Leading Toward the Future
May 18, 2017 Public Health Advocates

Public Health Advocates worked with 39 organizations to create a strong and persuasive statement of our shared vision for a healthier and more equitable California.  Leading up to this final version of the document, we heard from numerous partners how valuable they feel this statement is and we plan to use it and share it to amplify the drumbeat for the future we are collectively working toward.

On May 1st, as part of our annual ENACT advocacy day, which brought together 180 community residents, youth, and health advocates from all over the state to the Capitol to speak up for healthier, safer, and more equitable communities, this statement was shared during each of our 60+ legislative visits, directly with legislators and their staff. Legislative leaders have expressed their enthusiasm for this shared statement and we hope to hear from them as they seek support for the kinds of ideas articulated here. Maintaining our Gains will also be provided to approximately 300 participants at the California Department of Public Health’s Advancing Prevention in the 21st Century conference this Wednesday, May 17th.

We invite others to share this with your partners, through social media or in person.   As we continue to forge ahead, we welcome your ideas and potential collaborations to advance the shared priorities enumerated in Maintaining our Gains.

View and download the Maintaining our Gains, Leading Toward the Future joint statement here.