Forever in our Hearts: John A. Perez

Forever in our Hearts: John A. Perez
August 1, 2016 Public Health Advocates

It is with profound sadness that we acknowledge the passing of our dear friend and colleague, John A. Perez. John served as our Administrative Director for almost eight years and was one of the ‘hearts’ of our organization – always able to remind us of the deep human connections that bind us to our work as well as together as a staff. As you may know, we lost another member of our staff, Michelle Gutierrez, in 2015. The words that John wrote as we approached Michelle’s funeral are heartbreakingly appropriate for John as well:

‘”I found that I’d resigned myself to dying, but not to saying goodbye…Unfortunately, that’s the way it works. Life is one long series of unexpected hellos and unwanted goodbyes, and nothing we do can change that. It wasn’t a profound realization, nor even a particularly original one, but that didn’t make it any less true or painful.”
~Webmage, Kelly McCullough

As we prepare to say our last goodbye, I know that I wasn’t ready. In my spiritual tradition, we do not say, “Rest in Peace,” but rather, “Rise in Power.” Our love, and pain at letting go, will lift you up, always.’

And so we bid you John, Rise in Power.